Three Reasons You Might Need A Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer

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Not every personal entitles the injured person to compensation for his pain and suffering.  However, it is all too often the case that when a person does suffer an injury caused by the negligence of another, for example in an auto accident, the insurer for the negligent party does everything it can to delay or avoid paying just compensation. The people of Massachusetts deserve better and they need to know when they require the help of a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer.

Three Reasons You Might Need A Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer

If an insurer will not pay workers compensation

Massachusetts workers’ compensation laws protect employees in the case of injuries arising out of and in the course of employment.  The law provides that employers must carry workers’ compensation insurance, and that insurers must pay weekly wage replacement benefits and other benefits on valid claims.  If a construction worker falls off of a ladder and breaks his leg, he will likely miss a lot of work and have significant medical bills. Although the person cannot seek a Massachusetts injury lawyer, and sue for pain and suffering, he certainly has the right to workers’ compensation benefits.  Workers’ compensation insurers, however, often deny or limit benefits and do so in a way that leaves the injured employee believing that the insurer’s decision is final.  As in any legal claim, however, the employee has the right to take the matter to court and ask a judge to tell the insurer to pay what it owes.

You cannot work and need to use your long-term disability insurance

People who acquire long-term disability insurance often assume that payment will be all but automatic if they become disabled. Unfortunately, they too often find that the insurer denies their claim by distorting or mischaracterizing the claim.  Lawyers familiar with this kind of unscrupulous behavior can force an insure to honestly evaluate claims or set them up for a lawsuit if they play their typical games.
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