Social Security Disability

Understanding Social Security Disability Insurance as opposed to Social Security Insurance

The social security administration provides two kinds of benefits for disabled persons.  Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI benefits, are for persons who have worked and contributed enough money into the system and then become unable to perform any work in the economy for which she is suited by her age, education and experience.  These benefits are not affected by a person’s assets, and typically the claims follow an accident, injury or illness that interrupted an otherwise successful work life.

SSI benefits are available to regardless of whether a person paid into the system, but are only available to persons who meet certain asset guidelines.  In other words, it is designed to provide benefits to anyone who is disabled from work and is in financial need as determined by the social security administration guidelines.

Our work in the area of social security benefits comes almost exclusively from clients who come to us with long term disability benefit, personal injury or workers’ compensation matters.  Although it is not our primary focus, we handle SSDI matters for our workers’ compensation, long term disability and personal injury clients who need to apply for these benefits.