Basic Personal Injury: A Motor Vehicle Accident

Personal injury is one of the main practice areas as the Law Offices of Terrence A. Low and Anthony J. Canata in Northampton, Massachusetts.

In a motor vehicle accident resulting in a personal injury, someone has driven negligently and now you are suffering the physical and financial consequences. That is unfair, and the law rightly provides a way to shift those costs back to the negligent driver and his insurance company.

Our Approach

But MVA cases are such big business that it is almost impossible to remember what they are all about. When we take a personal injury case, it is because we have met personally with our client and assessed them and their case personally. For us, having a good client is as important as having a good case.

At the law Offices of Terrence A. Low and Anthony J. Canata in Northampton, Massachusetts, the personal injury attorneys meet personally with every client.  Because the lawyers work closely on all of their cases, every client has the benefit of two personal injury attorneys.  When a new case comes in, Attorneys Low and Canata typically meet the client together, obtaining the necessary information and explaining the process and what the client can expect.

Motor vehicle accident cases begin with the personal injury attorney gathering medical records and following the client’s treatment.  Once the client reaches a medical end result, the personal injury lawyer will prepare and submit a demand for settlement to the insurer of the at-fault driver.  What follows is a negotiation for settlement, where the at-fault insurer stalls, deflects and undervalues the claim.  This can be a frustrating process for the client (not to mention the personal injury attorney).  Attorneys Low and Canata consult with each other and the client during this process, keeping the client informed and helping him or her decide whether to settle or file suit.

Sometimes the only way to obtain adequate compensation for injuries is to file suit and litigate the case.  Attorneys’ Low and Canata have extensive experience in litigation and enjoy the intricacies of the law and the challenge of trial work.  Their approach is to get a good client with a meritorious case and take the case as far as necessary to obtain a good result for their clients.  They measure their success not by the volume of clients that they attract, but by how well they practice their craft and by the quality of service they deliver to their clients.

Our Added Value

What added value can we provide to you? Because we also practice in the areas of workers’ compensation and short and long term disability claims, we can assist you in obtaining those benefits if necessary. Many of our best clients present us with complex and overlapping personal injury and disability benefit issues, which we coordinate in order to provide the best possible outcome.