Practice Areas

At the Law Offices of Terrence A. Low and Anthony J. Canata, the attorneys represent individuals in four areas of practice: (1) disability claims and litigation; (2) workers’ compensation; (3) personal injury; and (4) social security disability, often handling cases in which two or more of these practice areas overlap.  With extensive experience and a people first approach, the attorneys walk their clients through complex matters every step of the way.


Attorneys Low and Canata have developed a comprehensive approach to their long term disability, workers’ compensation and personal injury practice.


Their long term disability claims practice sets them apart from most disability attorneys.  Most people who have long term disability insurance obtain it from their employer.  They are ‘participants’ in a plan offered by their employer as a part of their employer’s offering of employee benefits.  Like pension benefits and health care benefits, these long term disability benefits are governed by the federal ERISA statute.  ERISA law is complex and unforgiving.  Although it was intended to protect employee benefits, in practice the law favors insurers, which have taken advantage of judicial opinions to write policies in their favor.  At the Law Offices of Terrence A. Low and Anthony J. Canata, the lawyers have developed unique and effective strategies to take on aggressive and unscrupulous insurers and succeed in a difficult area of law.


The attorneys also practice extensively in the area of workers’ compensation.  Attorney Low began his career focusing on workers’ compensation, and has handled every conceivable kind of workers’ compensation claim, developing a winning approach and earning the respect of colleagues and judges alike.  Attorneys Low and Canata understand the interplay of personal injury claims, state retirement benefits, social security benefits and long term disability benefits with a workers’ compensation claim.  They routinely sit down with clients who have workers’ compensation claims, only to learn that they are eligible for other benefits as well.  Whether it is a simple claim for past medical bills or a complex claim requiring extensive litigation and a full hearing, the lawyers and the Law Offices of Terrence A. Low and Anthony J. Canata can help.


Attorneys Low and Canata also have a strong personal injury practice.  Working in the areas of long term disability and workers’ compensation naturally brings in clients who have been injured or disabled by the negligence of another, and are therefore in need of a personal injury attorney.  Attorneys Low and Canata do not advertise in the yellow pages or on television to attract personal injury clients.  Instead, they have handled countless personal injury matters arising out claims for workers’ compensation, or because other attorneys or former clients have referred personal injury cases to them.  They are personal injury lawyers who spend their time handling their cases personally instead of advertising for clients whose cases is largely handled by a staff of younger attorneys and paralegals.

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