Massachusetts Courts: Do You Have a Claim for Workers Compensation?

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It is an unfortunate fact of life that people can get injured on the job, and workplace injuries might result in everything from lost wages and medical bills to long-term disability and even death. Many who are injured on the job can qualify for workers’ compensation claims, but there are requirements and qualifications that must be met in order for a filed claim to be approved. If you are wondering if you have a basis for a claim in Massachusetts, it would be wise to consider the following points.

Explore Your Rights on Your Own

The rules and requirements for workers’ compensation can vary from one state to another, so it is important to learn more about your rights through your own state’s workers’ compensation office. There is a significant amount of information available to you online for Massachusetts claims at the website for the Department of Industrial Accidents at, which may be a good place to start. While some injured workers will turn to their employers or the workers’ compensation insurer for information on claims, it is best to get information directly from the source – for from an attorney who practices in the area of workers’ compensation – if you need to file a claim.

Consider Seeking Legal Advice

Some claims are processed quickly and without hassle, but other people struggle with their claims for various reasons. When you are dealing with an injury and are trying to recover, the process can seem stressful and tedious. A lawyer who works in this area of law, such as a professional with The Law Offices of Terrence A. Low and Anthony J. Canata, may help you better understand your rights. Your lawyer may facilitate the claims process and can work hard to help you receive all of your benefits.

Workers compensation can provide you with the financial reimbursement you need after you have been injured on the job. These funds can be used to pay for medical bills, supplement lost wages, and more. If you have suffered a workplace injury and want to learn more about your rights, you can seek legal guidance and advice from a lawyer today.

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