Lawyers and Long-term Disability: Understanding the Claims Process

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Each year, thousands of people file long term disability claims after becoming injured or sick, or after a long, chronic illness or injury makes them unable to continue working. The long-term disability claims process can be tedious and complicated.  Understanding the process is therefore important for those who are applying for benefits or may have to apply for them at som point.  Many people also choose to seek help from reputable lawyers in Northampton, MA in order to make the process smoother.

Lawyers and Long-term Disability: Understanding the Claims Process

Providing the right information is key

The long-term disability claim application process involves first notifying the employer or insurer of your need to file a claim.  The insurer or employer supplies forms that the applicant must complete and return.  There are also forms for the person’s treating physicians to complete and return.  The insurer will also provide health care authorization forms that it will then use to obtain the applicant’s medical records.  The insurer assesses the completed forms, records and other information in order to make a decision.

Applicants must be aware of the importance providing the proper information from themselves and their physicians from the very beginning of the process. It is crucial for any individual filing a claim to provide evidence of disability while avoiding submitting any statements that can be used (or misused) as a basis for denying the claim.  Claimants are ultimately responsible for gathering and providing their proof of claim; and they should control the process so that they know what information the insurer is using to make its determination.

The Physician’s Statement

The physician’s statement is crucial to a determination of disability.  The forms provided by insurers are often designed to produce a statement that does not establish disability.  At the very least, claimants should review physician’s statements themselves and have their physicians clearly identify their diagnoses and the restrictions and limitations that make them unable to work.  Our practice is to provide physicians with our own, more detailed forms.  We also review the medical records to be sure that they provide a proper foundation for the conclusion of disability that the physician makes in her statement.

Help from a Competent Lawyer

Filing a long-term disability claim can be a complicated and frustrating procedure.  An attorney with a thorough understanding of the process can reduce stress by assuming the responsibility for managing the application process so the claimant can focus on his or her treatment.  Many people find that seeking help from lawyers in Northampton such as those from The Law Offices of Terrence A. Low and Anthony J. Canata is a smart choice that can increase their chances of being awarded long-term disability benefits.



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