How Soon can You Benefit from Massachusetts Workers Compensation?

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If you suffered an accident or were otherwise hurt on the job, you are typically entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in Massachusetts. These benefits will cover the cost of your medical treatment and a portion of your lost wages while you are out of work.

Medical Benefits Should Start Immediately

Workers’ compensation benefits in Massachusetts are designed to cover your medical treatment related to any work related injury. This is true whether you need an ambulance to get to the ER for surgery or just need a bandage to cover a couple of cuts and scratches. Typically, workers will tell providers that their treatment is for a work related injury.  The provider will then bill the employer if it is self insured, or the workers’ compensation insurer.

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When Do Weekly Benefits Start?

Under the  Massachusetts workers compensation law, your employer must notify its insurer within seven days of receiving notice of a work related injury that incapacitates an employee for five calendar days. The insurance company will then have 14 days to either commence payment of benefits or notify you that the claim is being denied. If the insurer denies the claim, you have a right to bring a claim for benefits at the Department of Industrial Accidents.  Once you or your attorney files a claim, the matter will be referred to a conciliator who will set the matter up for a conciliation, usually within a few weeks of the filing of the claim.  If the matter is not resolved at conciliation, the conciliator can send the matter to a judge at the DIA for a conference, at which time the judge has the power to order payment of benefits.

If you are hurt and miss work, talk to a workers compensation MA attorney, such as from The Law Offices of Terrence A. Low and Anthony J. Canata,  today. Legal counsel can help if your claim is denied or if your employer refuses to acknowledge that the injury took place through the course of employment.


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