Deal with Injuries with the Help from a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

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Getting injured at work is, at times, unavoidable, especially if you are working in a high-risk environment. You may have slipped and hurt your back, or a large object may have fallen on you in a warehouse. Whatever the reason is for your injury, you may be entitled to benefits known as workers’ compensation.

To get these benefits as quickly as possible, you can consider these tips and also hire a lawyer with a special focus on workers compensation in MA.

Deal with Injuries with the Help from a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Report the Injury Quickly

After you get injured, you need to report the injury as quickly as possible. First, tell your employer or supervisor so that he can document exactly what happened. This may help him to improve the work environment for future employees.  It also creates a record of your injury and puts your employer and his insurer on notice of the claim. If you report the injury properly, that can show that the accident did indeed occur at work. This will improve your chances of establishing your claim in court later if necessary.

Filing as Soon as Possible

Once you have talked to your employer, you may need to file a workers’ compensation claim with the Department of Industrial Accidents.  Within 7 days of receipt of a report of injury, the employer must furnish a notice of injury to you, the DIA and the insurer.  The insurer must either begin paying weekly benefits or issue a denial of payment within 14 days of receipt of the notice.  If an insurer denies a claim or fails to pay within 30 days, you can file a claim for benefits at the DIA.

More importantly, you should report an accident as quickly as possible. Delaying could result in your forgetting important details about how you were injured, making it more difficult to establish a claim for benefits later if the insurer denies your claim and you have to go to a hearing and ask a judge for an award of benefits.


It is likely that you have never dealt with a workers’ compensation claim before.  If so, it would serve you well to do some research on your own in addition to seeking help from a Massachusetts workers compensation attorney.  The Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents has a user friendly website with plenty of information for workers.  You can visit it here.

Discover what you can about the worker’s compensation laws are in Massachusetts.  But also learn about your treatment options for your injury.  In Massachusetts, you may treat with the doctor of your choosing, as long as that doctor accepts payment according to the guidelines and rates established for workers’ compensation medical treatment.

Nobody wants to go through an injury. It can take a lot out of you both physically and mentally. But if you get injured at work, these steps will help you to respond appropriately so that you can receive the benefits afforded to you under the workers’ compensation laws.