What Lawyers Need to Know Re:ERISA Adverse Benefit Appeal Decisions

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Imagine a system of law in which insurance adjusters are called “plan administrators;” insurance policies are called “plans;” and  an  insurer’s claim file is called “an administrative record.” Imagine a hybrid system of trust and contract law in which an insurer responsible for paying valid claims is designated a “fiduciary” with respect to its own assets, payable to policyholders who … Read More

Request a Copy of Your LTD Plan and Have Disability Lawyers Review It

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A Biogen Inc. employee appealed to the First Circuit Court of Appeals a federal district court decision upholding an insurer’s denial of his long term disability benefits and imposing only a $5,000 penalty for failure to provide the policy agreement to him upon request, asking the court to overturn the district court’s decision on benefits and to impose a stiffer … Read More