Injury Lawyer: Accidents Caused by Negligent Commercial Truck Drivers

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Have you sustained injuries because of the negligence of a commercial truck driver? If so, you will have to prove that the driver’s negligence caused the accident – and the injuries you sustained – in order to win a damages award at court. If you want to know if you have a valid claim, a personal injury lawyer in Massachusetts, … Read More

Lawyers Explain the Personal Injury Settlement Negotiation Process

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A major aspect of workers’ compensation, long term disability and personal injury cases is the negotiation process between the two parties. This negotiation process often determines the amount of money that an insurer will pay to settle a claim or a case. Since the vast majority of personal injury and other kinds of cases end in settlement instead of a … Read More

The ERISA Playing Field Usually Favors the Insurer

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Most ERISA long term disability plans contain a clause granting the plan administrator discretionary authority to determine eligibility for benefits and to construe the terms of the plan. This is known as a “discretionary clause.” If a plan contains a discretionary clause, a claimant who was denied benefits cannot go to court and argue that he or she is in … Read More