Massachusetts Workers Compensation: Benefits Employees Can Expect

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Employees in Massachusetts who suffer an illness or an injury arising out of and in course of employment are eligible for weekly compensation benefits during their period of incapacity from work. In addition to common workplace accidents, personal injuries include infectious or contagious diseases if the nature of the employment is such that the hazard of contracting such diseases by … Read More

ERISA Plans Offset Other Benefits

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ERISA plans offset other benefits, like SSDI benefits and workers’ compensation benefits, which can cause very unfortunate results for unweary claimants.  An ERISA disability benefit plan is a contract, written by an insurer and chosen by an employer to offer as a benefit to employees. Employees who join the plan have entered into a contract. Insurers write into that contract … Read More

How ERISA Administrators Weigh Social Security Approvals

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Most group long term disability plans require claimants to apply for social security disability benefits. In fact, administrators often offer to assist claimants by referring them to a company that will represent them. They do this because SSDI benefits are typically included as a ‘deductible source of income’ under most plans, meaning that administrators can reduce the amount of any … Read More