Lawyers in Northampton, Massachusetts for Workers’ Compensation, Long Term Disability and Personal Injury.

Attorneys Terrence A. Low and Anthony J. Canata handle workers’ compensation, long term disability, personal injury and social security matters for individuals who become injured or disabled.

From their offices in Northampton, Massachusetts, they have helped hundreds of individuals apply for disability benefits, appeal benefit denials or challenge denials in federal court.  Individuals who have been denied disability benefits under an employer sponsored policy need to act quickly by contacting an attorney who understands the ERISA law that governs most such claims.

Attorneys Low and Canata have also established themselves as lawyers in Northampton who handle all aspects of workers’ compensation claims, including weekly benefits claims, claims for permanent impairment and scarring and claims that involve a separate action against an on the job injury caused by a third party.  They appear regularly at the Department of Industrial Accidents in Springfield and other DIA locations throughout Massachusetts.

Many individuals become disabled as the result of a personal injury caused by another.  Terrence A. Low and Anthony J. Canata are lawyers in Northampton who regularly handle personal injury matters, especially cases in which the individual also has a claim for workers’ compensation or disability benefits. 

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Practice Areas

Long Term Disability Benefits

Long Term Disability Benefits can be subject to state law or the federal ERISA statute.  Learn the difference here.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation provides benefits for lost wages, permanent impairments, scarring, medical costs and retraining. Learn More.

Personal Injury

If you are injured due to the negligence of another, you have a legal right to be made whole with a damages award. Learn more.

Social Security Disability Claims

Social Security has two disability benefit programs: SSI and SSDI.  Learn the differences between them here.

Attorneys Terry Low and Anthony Canata deliver the highest quality legal services to people who become unable to work due to illness or injury.  

They have four main areas of practice: (1) long term disability litigation, including ERISA claims; (2) workers’ compensation claims; (3) personal injury law suits; and (4) Social Security Disability claims.  

They routinely handle complex matters in which two or more of these areas of law come into play.  From their office in Northampton, Massachusetts, they represent individuals in Western Massachusetts, Boston, Worcester, greater Hartford and the entire Northeast corridor.

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What Our Clients Are Saying.

“Hiring these attorneys was the smartest money I ever spent. If not for Terry and Tony I would be in the poorhouse.” -Phil S.

“My pre existing illness became disabling due to new construction at work. I applied for short term disability benefits and was denied when the insurer claimed my case was worker’s comp. I had to in effect disprove a worker’s comp case in order to win my short and long term disability insurance claims. I was turned down by other attorneys and never told why. Terry accepted my case saying “I enjoy a challenge”.  In the end he used my previous employer’s own documentation against their own insurance company to win my case!! I truly believe it was Terry’s diversified background and 20 years of experience in workers compensation, social security disability and private group ERISA disability insurance that made the difference. He skillfully navigated all three areas and put together an awesome and winning case. I cannot recommend him more highly.”
Maribeth O.

“The struggle with pain/suffering from my condition was difficult enough without the added stress of the disability denial. I searched for an Attorney to help, and Attorneys Low and Canata offered to help when no one else would. Atty Canata prepared a great appeal; not only is he an expert and amazingly skilled in his work, but he also empathized with my struggle and articulated so well what had happened.” -Anon.

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